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Solid surfacing and fine woodworking

About Paul

Paul Brotsky started with experience in a family retail business. He performed many tasks ranging from installation of electronics to building retail store showrooms and displays. With his creative eye, he not only built but also designed many store fronts and showrooms. From that foundation Paul branched out to form his own small business, Paul Brotsky Services, in the 1980’s.

Paul specializes in fine and finish woodworking, customized for his client’s liking. With his keen artistic ability he is able to custom build cabinetry, furniture pieces, and remodel kitchens with the utmost precise and aesthetics. He also fabricates using wood, metal and solid surface materials. Paul has been very successful working with top interior designers in the Los Angeles, California area.


With 20+ years of experience, Paul has been trusted by hundreds of companies

Licensed contractor since 1989